This is my custom built go kart, that I built from scratch.
There were no plans used, and was constructed as I went.

Many thanks to all who helped with this project.

If you have any Questions, or want more detail, just leave a comment or email me.


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finally Finished Go Kart

I will post the pictures soon. Check back regularly!!!


bayith said...

CONGRATS!!! I will definately be on the look out for great pics!

zloki said...

CONGRATULATIONS FROM ME TOO.Please tell me can I use engine from lawnmover machine?

Dave said...

Did you like die or something? It's been like 4 years since you said you'd post pics of the finished go-kart. Lol.

computerguru365 said...

no, not dead :) its still on my long to-do list. i still ride it, ive upgraded the engine and shocks since the original build. just need time to actually "finish" posting about it

Ads Is said...

Awesome job, I about to start on my kart for my 8 year old and your designs are really an inspiration....
Can you give more pics plz?


Ads Is said...

Really nice design, I am planing to build a kart for my son and your design will definitely be an inspiration


Kosar Kakkar said...

OMG. You just brought life to those Go kart parts