This is my custom built go kart, that I built from scratch.
There were no plans used, and was constructed as I went.

Many thanks to all who helped with this project.

If you have any Questions, or want more detail, just leave a comment or email me.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Split Frame for Shocks & Custom Halo (Seat Back)

I needed to have shocks on my go kart, just because they look cool!!
So I designed the frame to bend right behind the seat.

That round tube is a piece of fence that I cut from scrap. the square tube is from abundance of used railing.

Custom Halo/Seat Back

The seat back was made out of a used Bench Press weightlifting bar. It was perfect for bending without a pipe bender because it had a slight bend to start with.

I used the tie-down straps (in the background) and connected to either end of the bar. As I racheted it tighter, it would bend more and more. I didn't want it to kink so that's when it was time for some butane!!

Now imagine you are a kid making a bow-n-arrow out of a stick and some string. Same principle, 'cept with some heat.

Heat the middle section, until it glowed, then just ratchet the straps a little at a time. If there is a section that needs bent more, just heat it up, until it glows, and tighten the straps more.

After 40-90 minutes, you'll have a nice curve. (mine's not crooked-it's custom)

[or just use a pipe bender if ya got it]

Custom Bushings

I just used a rubber cork to make the bushing where the frame pivots. Used my bench grinder to shape it and inserted metal spacers to allow the bolt to freely move in and out.


Unknown said...

were did you get the rear drive train

Email me:

computerguru365 said...

from a scrap yard. it was attached to a stripped down go cart, that was bout the only part left on it besides a rusty frame. i think is is originally off a golf cart or snowmobile, but not positive.